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Correction 06/23/18: The letter below states that RBC Trust is a subsidiary of a Nationally Chartered Bank. That is not correct. RBC Trust is a subsidiary of RBC. RBC is a foreign bank that does business in the United States through various subsidiaries. RBC Capital Markets is a division of RBC and it operates in the United States through a broker dealer subsidiary named RBC Capital Markets, LLC. Another name for RBC Capital Markets, LLC is “RBC Wealth Management.” The link below shows the multiple names used by RBC Capital Markets, LLC and the states in which they are licensed. RBC WEALTH MANAGEMENT IS A FLORID STATE CHARTERED INSTITUION. The involved institutions are understood to have RSSD ID#s in the Federal Reserve's Database of Financial Instituions. Transfers of funds occur between these instituions and nationally chartered banks. Wells Fargo is a nationally chartered bank that also operates through various subsidiaries. Additional information has also been inserted into the letter below.

FINRA Link Showing - RBC Wealth Management / RBC Capital Markets, LLC - is Florida state chartered institution.

Melissa Nelson
State Attorney - 4th Judicial District of Florida

Consitutional Advocates
Customers of the American Banking System

April 25, 2017

You ran as a constitutional advocate and won. This is a hopeful thing. The idea that certain rights are inherent and bestowed by the creator rings true and appeals to good people everywhere.

Parts of the constitution relate to money and banking. Certain constitutional advocates hold that an arrangement where a monopolistic private central banking cartel (the Federal Reserve) provides the Federal Government with revenue shortfalls via inflation of the monetary supply (FED backed lending) is unconstitutional and results in the debasement of our currency. They say inflation is a stealth tax. Maybe they are on to something.

The concern here is something more simple. It is that Financial Institutions connected to Federally Chartered Banks should not be allowed to issue statements that make use of contrived numbers when it comes to the presentation of principal and income. And this would seem especially true if one of the recipients of the statement is a senior citizen in ill health.

False Reporting is a Crime. Financial executives who engage in False Reporting should not be allowed to operate with impunity. Our mother is a resident of your judicial district and a senior citizen who has a history of being manipulated by false and incomplete information provided by Financial Operators.

Key Considerations:

1. The False Report is for a 2014 Annual Statement for a “simple” trust that was created by our father’s last Will and Testament.

2. Our mother, close to 85 years of age is the income beneficiary. My siblings and I have a remainder interest in the account. We are all entitled to annual statements. Our mother does not own the trust but she has the right to name the trustee.

3. Examination of the 2014 Annual Statement shows that the presentation of account principal and income make reference to non-existent cash funds. There is a large deduction of cash with no indication of where it went or how it was used.

4. The false report is a concern. The behavior of the financial executives involved make things more of a concern. The Wells Fargo representative who has influence over our mother took the position that is just that “the accounting takes some getting used to” before becoming incommunicado. Basic questions about the statement have been sidestepped or ignored by both the financial executive who had investment authority and officials of RBC Trust, which is a subsidiary of a nationally chartered bank (SEE CORRECTION ABOVE.) The possibility of embezzlement is a concern.

Whether it is taxpayer bailouts of private bankers for their failed private business enterprise or improprieties involving the estates of the deceased - it seems the American Banking System is geared to take everything they can - from everyone they can. Please investigate financial adviser Michael Neff who is currently employed by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC (CRD# 3111689) and his accomplices at RBC Trust for False Reporting and take appropriate action. America has only one Financial System. It's executives need to be held accountable. Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC is also a Florida state chartered instituion.

I ask anyone who has an interest in this situation to please contact me.

Ben Martin
San Diego, Ca.
Cell: 760 613 9798